Tour the Health Sciences Education Building below, one of the most modern medical education facilities in the country custom-designed to facilitate our student-centered learning curriculum.

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Health Sciences Education Building

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Medical, PharmD. and Nurse Anesthesia students share this building with the Greenville HealthCare Simulation Center. Let’s see what’s inside!
The Lecture Hall is an example of designing learning spaces to match the curriculum focus on student centered learning.
Classroom technologies include multiple monitors and videoconferencing capabilities for distance education.
Students benefit from wireless internet, table microphones and power strips, ergonomic seats , and illuminated glass panels to write notes.
Lecture Hall seating is configured so students can easily rotate chairs to form small groups to discuss a problem and engage in active learning.
The Learning Studio is Controlled Chaos! No matter which direction you are seated there is always a monitor positioned for easy viewing.
The Learning Studio has a central divider to create 2 spaces. Round tables facilitate small group interaction, and groups can then easily report to the wider class.
Small Conference Rooms can be used for Simulation Center orientation and debriefing sessions.
The second floor of the education building is devoted to the Simulation and Standardized Patient Clinical Skills Center.
Simulation Center rooms contain the same monitoring equipment used in the hospital.
Simulation Center curtains replicate urban or household settings.
Small Group rooms have easily moved tables and chairs, and of course high resolution monitors. Locker space allows students to securely store their items.
The top level of the rotunda is the student lounge. Medical, Pharmacy, and Anesthesia students have a budget to outfit the space as they choose.
The multipurpose room in the Simulation Center can be used for up to four concurrent simulations.
The second floor of the rotunda has informal seating and spectacular views.
The Multidisciplinary Lab is equipped for virtual microscopy and computer based laboratory exercises for efficient team learning.
The Gross Anatomy laboratory provides each table a monitor to display CT, MRI, pro-section, and atlas images.
The Gross Anatomy laboratory is bright and airy. Did we mention the modern down-draft ventilation to control fumes and odors!
Training space for standardized patients in the Clinical Skills area.
Student Affairs waiting room looking into the Conference Room where applicants meet for orientation and lunch prior to interviews.
Descending the spiral stairs in the rotunda makes you feel grand.
Clinical skills exam rooms have computerized patient records stations on the outside wall.
Clinical skills exam rooms (14 in all) have modern equipment and sessions can be recorded for later review.
A view down 'Main Street' with the courtyard to the right and the mezzanine at top left.
The mezzanine contains individual study rooms and a view to Main Street below.
Stairs to the mezzanine study rooms.
The Learning Commons is staffed by reference librarians to assist students and faculty.
Third floor central intersection features loads of walls where students can write their study diagrams.
Do you want a top or bottom locker?
Control room in Simulation Center.
Simulation central control room for monitoring and recording of simulated patient sessions.
Lecture Hall
Students practicing suturing skills in the simulation center.
Our anatomy lab is filled with light, creating a welcoming environment for learning.
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